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Dates come in variant types and from different regions. Each region are specialized in a type of date that has different taste, size and color. 


We have selected the most delicious of them.



Sukkari – (lit. sugary) (Arabic: سكري) Dark brown skin; distinctly sweet and soft flesh. From Alqassim
Sukkari dates are considered to be one of the best dates in Saudi Arabia and the world, and it is named Sukkari for the sweet taste. The shape of the Sukkari dates ranges from yellow to dark brown and the size of the fruit is medium. It is characterized by the fact that it is eaten at all stages of its growth because it has a sweet taste in all its stages. Sukkari Dates  are our most sold product and our staff loves eating them.


Segai dates are half crispy, half tender and juicy and not too sweet 

Segai dates are characterised by their multi-coloured hues and distinctive oblong shape
Soft, Segai dates are a premium fruit sure to become your new favourite. Medium in size, these two-toned dates benefit from a crunchy, dry base with a fruity flavour. Compared to other date varieties, Segai are mildly sweet.

Due to their exclusivity, Segai dates are the perfect gift for true date connoisseurs.



Khuddari -  Khuddari dates are sweet and fiber-rich. They have raisin texture and have a warm, intense aftertaste. Khuddat are a uniform dark brown color, not too wrinkly (dates can range from smooth to as wrinkly as a prune depending on the variety). The skin of these datesflake a little. Taste: moderately sweet, nice “date” flavour, chewy but not dry.


Our products,

Are guaranteed to be this season's harvest directly from our local farmers.  

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