Our Values

Improving lives and loving our planet is at the very heart of our mission.


Our strong belief that we are in this world to make it better by improving lives and loving our planet.


Our values serve as an ethical compass that provides us with guidance and direction for the conduct of our company.


The date fruit is one of the the world’s oldest staple food.

The people behind bringing the fruit to your hands are the basis of our success and are the momentum behind the brand.


This is why our commitment to them is to source from providers that guarantee a safe workplace that respects their rights.


We are and will be focusing our sustainability strategy on essential initiatives. We want to ensure that our Arabisimos brand stands for high-quality, delicious, and - above all – sustainable date fruits. For this reason we are relentlessly seeking with our partners initiatives in farm management and logistics with an impact on waste, emission reduction, CO2 and water footprint and much more.


There's a lot of misinformation out there about pouch bags, especially when it comes to recycling. Our pouches are absolutely recyclable.  Surprisingly more than Kraft paper pouches (that contain both plastic and paper)

As far as recycling goes, used bags can be placed into a bin with other plastics and will usually have a recycle code of ARE 7. When the pouches are recycled, they are ground up and used along with other plastics to make plastic benches or various other products. They are also landfill friendly but like cardboard, newspaper, and plastic bags, are not biodegradable.

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